Free Bleeders

We menstruators have come a long way since our belted cloth diaper days.  We have all the necessary innovations from pads, panty liners, tampons and even the “diva cup”- different shapes and sizes, color and even scents and for reasonably cheap. Providing excellent protection and so discrete- no one will ever know you’re bleeding. But a new feminist group emerging wants people to know they’re menstruating. No, not just know- they want everyone to be able to see it.

Affectionately called “free bleeders”, these women are embracing their menstruation in a not so subtle way, going au natural and freely bleeding into their clothes, down their legs and even on public seats. Have they taken this too far? (see link to view pictures, but fair warning they are explicit and may be offensive to some). The idea is to let yourself bleed. No judgment, no worries, no shame and no fear of “messiness”. Just let it happen naturally.

But what would you think if you went to sit on the metro and the person that occupied the seat previously had been “embracing their menstruation” all over the available seat? This brings the hygiene question into play. Unsanitary public conditions put others at risk for infections and disease. Also, if people can get fined and even jailed for urinating in public, isn’t this the same concept? Now don’t get me wrong- I am a proud feminist and all for women’s empowerment. Hell, I say embrace your menstruation wearing your coziest pj’s, sipping on a cup of tea, enjoying being a woman and letting your body do its thing- but do it in the comforts of your own home.


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