hookup truck

Now there is a new initiative for safer sex known as the hookup truck, am not exactly sure how I feel about this venture. The founder, Emerson states that this initiative is a “modern dating solution for safe sexual adventuring”. She also stated in the post that “getting busy in the back of a truck appeals to a wide variety of people”. This business since its inception in December has had lots of requests from a great variety of people, from single moms and people with roommates who have no privacy, to business people in the financial district who need the truck on their lunch break, and of course, the more kinky folks who are into the adventuring of it, says Emerson. In a time where women are highly sexualized and there is a rising rape culture, am not sure if this initiative is more of a negative than a positive impact. It almost seems like it promotes the continued sexualization of women and also propagation of prostitution, sex trafficking and rape. I would like to know what safeguards they have to protect women from falling victims to sexual violence. The truck provides: Private, secured room; Temperature control; Complimentary birth control and STD preventatives and Camera ready option. How do these measures promote safer sex when the birth control and STD preventatives are COMPLIMENTARY, Yes accessibility is provided but who is to say that these preventative measures are even utilized. Its like going into a hotel room that has complimentary wine and the guest does not drink alcohol. Who monitors what goes on in these trucks, and how is the company sure that the sex adventures do not get out of hand. The ‘hookup truck’ states that the clients have to be over 21 years of age but in this age where fake IDs are easily accessible and also young girls look older than their age what guarantee is there that young girls will not be exploited through this service. Its been stated that the typical rape victim is a 16- to 24-year-old woman and the rapist is usually a 25- to 44-year-old man, this can easily fall into the clientele of the ‘hook-up truck’. Alcohol is a factor in over one out of three rapes and in these trucks where private parties are hosted, who monitors these parties? This initiative has a lot of questions to answer. “Rates range from $75 for 30 minutes in the parked truck to $2,500 for a 5-hour party rental package including host staff and a cleaning crew”. This seems to be just another sex selling market in this society where the tag phrase ‘sex sells’ seems to be the justification for sex exploits. There might be grey areas but can a claim still be laid that a hook-up truck and prostitution may not be too far off. There is also the provision of video cameras to further perpetrate sexual acts; who gets these videos, who sees these videos and who governs how these videos get distributed. Its one thing to have a sexual encounter taped and also to have it shared, to a victim of sexual violence, these videos can be a means of re-victimization of these victims all over again. If a woman is raped in these trucks, such an establishment helps fuel the tagging of victims as liars. Sexual assault can happen between married couples, at parties, parks or anywhere and it doesn’t have to be with the use of force/violence so how much more in a ‘hookup truck’ of this sort.



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